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Young Bill Money

Artist Of The Month - December

This is Nigel, also known as Young Letter Money. This young talented artist is quite diverse in his music style.
He is therefore at home in all markets and understands that there is no limit to creativity. From distorted 808's to melo vibes with catchy melody's, He can do it all! This year, Young Briefgeld decided to broaden his career and knowledge by taking lessons at

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My story

My name is Young Briefgeld and I wasn't always where I am now.  

My first release was with a label that just started in The Hague.
At that time I was more focused on funny happy rap for the kids, but started experimenting more and more with harder and dark stairs. Now I have found a new and close group of friends who push me to make the music that suits me best and with whom I can break on stage.

I will always be grateful to them for helping shape who I am today.

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Artist of the month


Take a look at the life of Young Letter Money

Young Briefgeld - Rogier (Fun Fact)Young Briefgeld
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