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Start dates

The training starts in September. Register here .


If you start in February, the lessons are divided into 2 groups.

You can follow the lessons from 19:00 to 22:00 on Friday.


If you start in September, the lessons are divided into 2 groups.

You can follow the lessons from 19:00 to 22:00 on Friday.

ProducerWorden is a registered institute with the CRKBO. That is why the tuition fees are VAT-free and you are entitled to income tax deduction. You can also deduct the equipment you purchase for your study from your income tax.

Note: This arrangement will expire in 2022.

It will be replaced by the STAP budget subsidy scheme for workers and job seekers. Deductible training costs that you pay in 2021 can still be deducted in your 2021 income tax return. Training costs that you pay in 2022 or later are no longer deductible. From March 1, 2022 you can do it  Apply for a STAP budget via

Are the aforementioned dates and class days no problem for you? Then sign up here !


Get back up to a maximum of €1180 via the tax authorities!

Do you have questions about the payment options? contact us.


The training consists of 25 lessons spread over 1 year. The 25 lessons consist of the following 5 blocks:

Block 1  - Meeting

Block 2 - The basics

Block 3 - Produce

Block 4 - Mixing

Block 5 - Master your skills!


When you register, you will receive a study guide with detailed explanations and data about the lessons.

What do you receive?

When you register, you will receive a student statement from us where you will receive a (up to) 50% discount on soundpacks, VST plug-ins, DAW Software and possibly hardware such as: Monitor Speakers , Microphones, Synthesizers and more!

Each student is entitled to 4 hours of studio time each week to work on assignments and do homework. 

All available equipment can be used. We are equipped with everything!

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Do you want to improve your knowledge or simply go even more in depth on a certain subject? Then it might be something for you to take extra private lessons. Below is a fraction of what is on offer.

Hardware processing lesson, Synthesizer techniques and outboard gear,  Producing masterclasses from A to Z, Recording, Mixing & Mastering a track, you name it! Indicate what you need extra and we will arrange it for you!

Advantage of being a student

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Every year we upgrade not only our working method but also our platform. This ensures that we will always provide all our students with the latest soundpacks and discount on vsts. This also ensures that we continue to grow in music. We know better than anyone how expensive equipment and software are. That's why we decided to make it a little easier so that you can start making music with us right away.


Tips & Tricks

We believe that the use of equipment is just as important as the information we provide during our lessons. Even though we try to be available to our students 24/7, sometimes the teachers are not active in chat. So are you scoring a hit at 3 a.m. and missing information? then you can log in and find all the information in our ''Tips & Tricks'' panel.

When you confirm the registration, you will receive access to the PW portal. In the PW portal you can access free sound packs, vocal chains, plugins and more. You also get immediate access to the study guide and you can follow each other to possibly work together on projects. Tips & tricks are very important to us, which is why the PW portal also gives you access to information about certain effects, mixing techniques and mastering tips. Do you prefer a certain soundpack and can't afford it? or do you need help finding specific VSTs? No problem. When you are a student, you get access to the PW chat. We share knowledge, plug-ins, discounts, free packs and of course the necessary dose of producer memes.


Individual Lessons

It is optional to take individual lessons. You can participate in the lessons with the class group.. However, you must follow the entire training to obtain your "PW - diploma". Do you want individual lessons from 118,- (VAT exempt)? Then you can contact us by phone or leave a message via the contact form.

Do you have any questions?

Check if your question is in our FAQ

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