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People with a passion for music!

Our school consists of young, driven and talented musicians with a passion for music.  

Teaching based on advice and from a modern and timeless perspective.

We at, offer students all the tools to develop themselves in every area within this dynamic industry! We know better than anyone how difficult it is to gather good information online. The well-known: ''not seeing the forest for the trees'' story. We offer a wide range of techniques and working methods. We keep it light, simple but effective so that you develop yourself in a fun and accessible way. In short: we are here for you!


10 years experience - Indie | Stairs | R&B

Joel Verlinden

This is Joel just call him Joe.

Joe is known for his productions for international and domestic artists. He started as a producer and has forged his way into the Dutch market. He has worked with Sony and knows what it's like to work with well-known platforms. In addition to his music productions, he also carries out Mix & Master assignments for Dutch-speaking artists, in which he plays a major role as a recording engineer.

Audio Engineer / Recording Engineer / Producer

Joël Verlinden

17 years of experience - Pop | R&B | 80's

Barry Verlinden

This is Barry, artist and producer name is Rush The Producer. Produced for national and international artists! The love for music lies with Analog processing, vintage synthesizers, combined with contemporary pop/retro rhythms, with an eclectic and timeless sound. Mix and master techniques that preserve the dynamics and warm sound. Do you like vintage, yet timeless and appropriate for contemporary music? Ask for Barry!

Audio Engineer / Producer

Hardware Expertise

Barry Verlinden

8 jaar ervaring - Urban | Newschool

Dio van der Sluis

Dit is Dio, bekend als Jaxx. Zijn naam komt je misschien bekend voor zowel bij binnenlands als buitenlandse producties. 

Zelf houdt hij zich bezig met de laatste trends en sounds rondom de huidige muziek scene. De laatste jaren heeft hij zich ontfermt over de trap genre, hard hitting 808’s gecombineerd met een uplifting melodie! Is dit wat jij ademt?

Dan ben je bij “Dio” op het juiste adres!

Audio Engineer / Singer-Songwriter / Producer



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