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Our education (music school) is at MBO work/think level.  

At the meeting it is useful to know what sound actually is, so in the first few lessons we are going to talk about Mixers/DAW Controllers & MIDI. In the beginning, studio acoustics also deserve attention, so that the recording and vocal mixing techniques can be labeled as qualitative. During the meeting we also make it clear that we teach based on advice so that you can take your production to the next level under the guidance of expertise! From mixing to mastering and from sampling to self-recording, we are available every day for questions. We are also here to give you the tools to further develop yourself. We believe that every person learns differently, but that doesn't mean you can't become a producer. We know from experience that certain material and/or techniques are often too difficult to explain. Eventually you can't see the forest for the trees. Combined, we offer more than 25 years of experience in the field of music. We are therefore here not to make it more difficult than it is. Hands on, understandable and above all fun! That is what stands for!


Of course this is not all! When you register, you will receive access to the PW portal through which you will receive the study guide. Each student also gets his own page with upgrade options. Every student has access to the online ''School Plaza'', this is a place where you can access free plug-ins, drum kits & sound packs. You can also enjoy monthly promotions & discounts. After an approved application to the PW portal, students will receive an additional producer account from us. So you have no idea what the difference between mixing and mastering is? Or do you have little or no knowledge of different techniques? no problem, via the PW portal you can access your producer account, where you will then have access to exclusive information, tips & tricks. Do you also want to enjoy this luxury? Then register here . Concerning the exclusivity, it is also the teachers in the field who have worked with Sony, RapnieuwsTV, Adidas, Kleine Viezerik, THC, Rassskulz, Denzel Chain and many other artists and brands. We believe it is important that our students are taught by experts with knowledge of audio engineering and high-level music production.

The training consists of the following parts:

  • Meeting - Being part of the family.

  • The Basics - Explanation of effects & dynamics.

  • Produce - Record & use MIDI in the DAW.

  • Mixage - Vocals & mixing technique lessons.

  • Master Your Skills - Mastering at a high level.

  • Examination - Examination of blocks.

  • Diploma - Drinks (for advanced)

Vision, technique, sound selection, arrangement.. All terms that sound complicated but are crucial to get to the same level as any other professional in the industry! We teach you how to produce from A to Z.

Arrangement is the most important part of your track. The structure and layout determine the tension that triggers the listener every minute to continue listening. The arrangement also determines the feeling of satisfaction you experience as a composer while listening to your music! We teach you in a not too complicated way, to achieve the results quickly, efficiently and above all qualitatively like any other!

Mastering is the last step to give your product that extra edge and to stand out among the many artists. Mastering also ensures that your track fits seamlessly between all other professional music! In short: we give you all the tools to be sure of a good product with this last step!

Vocal recording is not just plugging in a microphone and recording. Singing techniques, but also processing at the front and/or back, determine the degree of professionalism. We teach you all the ins and outs to make sure you can speak of a high-quality recording!

Do you also find it difficult to start a mix? Leveling is the basis and sound selection is key to ultimately arrive at a good mix. We teach you to put down a thorough and professional product in a well-arranged way! 

Got excited?

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